Mid-term Project Review


  • Set up a local development instance of the build service webclient
  • Created a local branch of the project on Gitorious
  • Accumulated community feedback on mobile view changes and
  • enhancements, which provides general directions and specs for
  • development for the next few weeks
  • Coded changes in views (code for mobile view UI is practically done;
  • just need to implement actions for those views in controller)
  • Committed and pushed a batch of changes to master branch
  • Kept detailed documentation in project blog and Wiki

In the end, the OBS mobile request views will look probably like this:

And the OBS mobile project/package views will look like this:

Code for the views in jQuery is mostly done; I will just need to polish them and make them “act.”

To be done

  • Update jQuery Mobile to the latest release
  • Code and implement new methods for each view change in controller
  • Convert web-browser html views in project/package to mobile views
  • Create test-suites for the mobile interface
  • Continue with documentation

The project seems to be in good shape.